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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

About Us

About Us

Introduction to Specter Blockchain Global Limited !

Specter Blockchain Global Limited was created by five members from two countries: the United States and England. We are engineers, technicians in the IT field. Our addiction products have been tested since May 2018. After more than 1 year of researching and perfecting our ideas, in August 2019, we officially applied for our company license

The projects we are implementing include:

  1. Statistics page: Topcoinfx
  2. Social network: Topcoin.global
  3. Topcoinfx token (TCFX)

Statistics page: Topcoinfx.

TopcoinFx.com is an electronic information website containing the latest news and information about cryptocurrencies and digital currencies.  Information is updated with a large frequency, continuously and latest here so that customers can follow up regularly.

When visiting TopcoinFx.com, you can find out the following information:

  • Price fluctuations of all cryptocurrencies, tokens…
  • Transaction volume for each given time period, usually 24h
  • The latest exchange rates and news about value changes in 24h as per percentage
  • Official websites of Coins and Tokens.
  • List of major exchanges worldwide with the volume of transactions in detail.
  • List of coins that are applying the masternodes model and the ROI rate of each coin.
  • Check the buying and selling force of the coins to determine the increase and decrease of each cryptocurrency…

Social network: Topcoin.global

Topcoin.global is a new social network launched in 2019, where you can share your status, connect friends, chat & inbox, create group meetings, create sales page … TopcoinGlobal is a social network that shares profit from advertising for all users. Our slogan is: “connect to success!”

Any activity such as posting photos, status, like, share, comment, chat, etc. are all listed and paid by Topcoin.global. TopcoinGlobal is an advertising distribution network, it is an intermediary between Advertisers and target customers. Its task is to distribute Advertiser ads to the right target customers. The advertisers connect to Topcoinglobal to run ads and TopcoinGlobal will pay back a part of the money to its users, especially their ads network members. If you have free time, start making money with Topcoin.global for every day. Just spend about 15 minutes watching ads, you already have income from TopcoinGlobal.

TcfxCoin is the token used in the payments of TopcoinGlobal with Blockchain technology similar to Ethereum, which is extremely well encrypted and can be used to trade and exchange at many exchanges around the world.

Online shopping: Topcoin.Global has partnered with many big and reputable companies such as Amazon, Expedia, eBay, … to put online shops into social networks. Users can book hotels, buy airline tickets and purchase millions of items anywhere in the world through Topcoin.global’s online shopping platform. In addition, Topcoin.global is an e-commercial website, offering extremely good products. You can create your own landing page for your page, you can create a blog or your own group. It is very convenient with just a few basic operations.

TopcoinFx Token:

TCFX (TopcoinFx Token) is the internal currency issued by Topcoinfx to fund the development of our exchange platform, Tracoinfx. That is a decentralized Marketplace which makes simplifies and standardized data with blockchain technology. We provide user-friendly, efficient and secure crypto solutions and utilizing blockchain technology.

Work and Topcoin.global will help you reach potential customers quickly. Not just a landing

TopcoinFx Token features:

  • Algorithm: ERC20
  • Coin name: TopCoinFX
  • Ticker Symbol: TCFX
  • Coin supply:
  • Dev Language: Solidity
  • Contract: 0x031e0c6a7c91df1bc171d33cccc6988fd2ddeb6f
  • Etherscan link: https://etherscan.io/token/0x031e0c6a7c91df1bc171d33cccc6988fd2ddeb6f

TCFX Token is used for:

  • Paying the transaction fee on TradecoinFX, TCFX Trading Platform as a currency on the exchange, it creates a peer value for exchange.
  • As collateral for peer loans, apply it to the virtual mortgage system.
  • Payment for advertising on TopcoinGlobal social network as a currency without having to go through traditional banking and electronic banking, TCFX is supported worldwide.
  • Payment for online purchases on the electronic trading system of TopcoinGlobal, Global money transfer without charge, In-store payments and more.

You can download our wallet app to send and receive TCFX token, or you can also download other wallets like Trust Wallet, Myether, Metamask to store it.

Upcoming projects:

Exchange Platform: Tracoinfx.com

Tracoinfx is a cryptocurrency exchange founded by Specter Blockchain Global Limited. Tracoinfx supports multiple trading pairs on its platform. TCFX (TopcoinFx Token) is the internal currency issued by Topcoinfx to fund the development of Tracoinfx.

With a low transaction fee (0.1%) as well as fast transaction processing, it will help Tracoinfx become a trading platform with a large trading volume in the crypto market. Tracoinfx’s technology is capable of processing millions of orders per second, which will make Tracoinfx a potential future exchange in terms of the trading volume.

Tracoinfx supports the trading of cryptocurrencies with BTC, ETH, TCFX, USDT, USDC

Like many other cryptocurrency exchanges, Tracoinfx always ensures safety in terms of good security, user-friendliness, and optimal performance. Here are some of the features we introduced:

  • Tracoinfx uses a strong multi-tier architecture system to create safety and high stability.
  • Tracoinfx supports many different web browsers: Android, HTML5 and many other platforms.
  • Tracoinfx can handle more than 1 million purchase orders per second, which makes Tracoinfx highly efficient.
  • Tracoinfx supports many different languages ​​such as English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese and many other languages.
  • Tracoinfx offers a number of cryptocurrency pairs with extremely high liquidity.
  • Tracoinfx allows trading many different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA, NEO, Bitcoin Cash, QTUM, Monaco, Dash, Zcash, …
  • Tracoinfx is operated by our CEO, Louis Baker. Our development team has extensive experience in finance, cryptocurrency and they have experience working with major companies around the world.

Continue to expand the central server system to strongly deploy the Masternodes system:
Masternode is defined as a governing hub in some cryptocurrency networks. It requires an initial collateral of tokens (or a “stake”) to operate.

A node is defined as any computing device (computer, phone, etc.) that is maintaining a network. Cryptocurrencies are supported by a network of computers each keeping a digital record of the data known as a blockchain. A computer, a phone, or any other computing device that can receive, transmit, and/or contribute to the blockchain is a node.

A masternode is more than just a node. It has a managing role and special jobs that regular nodes don’t have.

A masternode’s managing role is to vote on proposals to improve the coin system. Every masternode gets one vote.

A masternode’s special jobs include creating instant transactions, known as “InstantSend”, and private transactions that hide the fact that you’ve sent money, known as “PrivateSend”.

Beside that, masternodes provide an opportunity for investors to benefit from guaranteed coin earnings, in other words– dividends. These dividends can either be sold on exchanges for profit, or saved to purchase another masternode which subsequently produces more dividends — and the cycle repeats.

In the upcoming time, we will continue to expand the central server system to strongly deploy the Masternodes system. This not only aims to increase the processing power of our entire blockchain ecosystem, but it is also a source of shared profits from the Masternode system for the company.

Company Information

Address: Unit B Woodrow Way, Irlam, Manchester, England, M44 6ZQ.
Phone: +44 7451228873
Email: [email protected]